BLACK MINDS MATTER: mental health in the black community

“While mental health issues effect every demographic, I think it is time we admit that a huge part of the psychosis that exists in black urban areas is due to years of physical and mental abuse, oppression, and ultimately, depression of a very special kind.”


Cultural Appropriation, Really Though??

“Corn rows, box braids, locs, etc. We’ve seen “ethnic” hairstyles taken for a spin by white people of all kinds. Celebrities, high school students, fashion icons etc. Some find it flattering, others think of it as a swagger jock, but not everyone has the same position on culture appropriation.”

The Real America: Navajo-land

“The best part about the experience was that most outsiders are not invited to attend…The Navajo people have often been wounded by outsiders, so it is important to be very intentional about establishing positive relationships, built on genuine appreciation and respect.”